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Establishment Submissions

How can I submit my establishment for inclusion in your books and on your Web site? If my establishment is already listed, how can I update the information?

Inclusion in Frommer’s guidebooks is based on the author’s experiences–our listings and reviews are not paid advertisements. However, if you would like to submit information about your establishment, we can forward it to the author’s attention via email. Simply go to this “Contact Us” form to get started. Please include “Request for Review” in the subject line and all pertinent information—establishment name, mailing address, phone number, email address, Web site, the name of a contact person and anything else important–in the comment box.

If you’re writing to tell us about changes in our coverage of your establishment, please include “Update for [establishment name]” in the subject line and all pertinent information in the comment box as mentioned above. It is crucial that you include the URL of the page for which you’re requesting a correction.

Travel Arrangements

Can you help me with my trip planning?

Because we are independent journalists and our reviews are not paid advertisements, we do not handle individual trip planning needs. Instead, we give you all the tools you need to research your travels. Search our site for in-depth information. You’ll find the search box in the upper right-hand corner of each and every page on We do answer questions as part of our radio programming. You’ll find those shows on our Radio page.


How often are your books updated?

Frommer’s guides with the year in the title (i.e., Frommer’s Italy 2005) are published annually. Frommer’s guides without a year in the title are re-researched with every new publication. In between publication dates, many of our authors submit online updates and features to keep readers abreast of changes in the destinations they cover. These updates are available at

Changes in Information

What should I do if an Internet address listed in your guide is outdated?

Businesses sometimes change their contact information without warning. We try to catch what we can, but when you cover the entire world, changing information is a reality. If a listing’s contact information no longer works, try a Web search engine. Otherwise, you’ll have to make contact the old-fashioned way–by telephone, fax or post.


I need to return my guide. Can I get a refund?

Book refunds or exchanges are dependent on the policy of the retail or online store from which the book was purchased. Frommer’s does sell directly to our readers, so we do not provide refunds or exchanges for books that were purchased from a retail vendor.

Dispute Resolution

I have a dispute with a hotel/restaurant/attraction that was reviewed in your guide. Can you help me?

The reviews provided in Frommer’s guides are meant to provide helpful information for travelers. We do not operate in partnership with the merchants we review. Given how travel information changes, with constant openings and closings, the authors, editors and publisher cannot be held responsible for the experience of readers while traveling. We do, however, appreciate hearing from readers who have had a disappointing experience with a hotel, restaurant or attraction, so that we can re-appraise the things we mention. We promise you that we check out all complaints and take them with the utmost seriousness when preparing the next edition of the relevant guide.

Price Changes

Are the prices listed in your book guaranteed?

Although prices are correct at press time, travel information is subject to change, and this is especially true of prices. Use our prices as a rough estimate of what things will cost. We furnish contact information for the businesses we cover so you can ask for additional information as you plan your trip.

If your question about Frommer’s travel guidebooks was not answered here, please contact our editorial staff.