TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – As the holiday season comes to an end you may want to start planning your next getaway.

Flying at certain times of the year will keep more spending money in your pocket.

If you’re willing to schedule your vacation around specific months, you could score a great deal.

According to Hipmunk’s “When to Go” data, these are the times of year to catch a flight for maximum savings in 2019.

The best months to fly will be January and September, right after kids head back to school and the official “vacation” season ends. 

Flying in January will save you around 31 percent and boarding a plane in September saves an average of 25 percent.

The best places to jet off to in January will be Palm Springs, Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver and Boston.
And in September grab a cheap getaway to Fort Lauderdale, Hawaii, West Palm Beach, Oakland and Savannah.

But there are times not to go.

The most expensive month for travel is July and peak prices return in November and December, so try to avoid those months if you can.

If you can’t go in January or September, you can find a deal that fits your schedule.

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