Holidays can be hugely expensive if travellers are not careful – and the location you choose can greatly impact how much you spend. Travel experts, alpharooms Ireland, have revealed where the cheapest city break in Europe is – and Turkey came out top. They analysed the most popular destinations in Europe, before calculating how long a day budget of €50 will last. Alpharooms looked at the average cost of food, transport, attractions and even alcohol in each city.

Antalya in Turkey was revealed to be the cheapest European destination of all – while London was named as the most expensive.

Antalya is the eighth-most populous city in Turkey. The resort city is considered a gateway to the country’s southern Mediterranean region, known as the Turquoise Coast for its blue waters.

A budget of €50 in Antalya will last a tourist all day – and there will even some money left over, according to alpharooms research.

In the Turkish city, you can enjoy a full day of visiting the most popular attractions, exploring the squares and dining throughout the day for as little as €31.

With a number of hotels lining the beaches in Antalya, competition is high. This means travellers can enjoy a room for an average of £11 a night.

Wine-lovers may well want to prioritise a trip to the destination, as a bottle can be snapped up for less than £5, according to travel booking website,

The third best bargain break named by alpharooms was again in Turkey, in the major city of Istanbul.

In Istanbul, it will cost only €43 for a day of experiencing the greatest sights and tasting the local cuisine – including the beer.

Turkey holidays are currently rocketing in popularity thanks to the low prices available in the Middle Eastern country.

The annual Post Office Holiday Money Report revealed the renewed popularity of Turkey is the most striking travel trend of the year. 

This comes after the Turkish lira collapsed in value last year meaning Britons’ pounds can go further in Turkey, making for much cheaper holidays.

“The lira fell steadily during the early months of 2018 but plummeted in value by 73 per cent in August, causing a stampede for late summer package deals,” explained the Post Office report.

Alpharooms research names Prague as the second cheapest Europe city break.

The sixth most popular European holiday destination of 2018 is almost three times cheaper than London. Those budgeting for €50 for 24 hours will have change left over from their day, with public transport costing less than €2 – along with the beer.

Prague’s most visited attractions, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, are also relatively cheap in comparison to the other cities on the list. To visit both landmarks in one day, you would only need a budget of €16.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands came fourth while Vienna in Austria came in fifth place.

The remaining top ten consisted of Dublin, Ireland; Rome, Italy; Benidorm, Spain; Paris, France; and London, UK.

London has long boasted a reputation for expense and, for those travelling with a daily €50 budget to the UK capital, it will run out at 12.30pm. This is if you take into account breakfast, transport and, of course, the top-rated attraction in the city – Buckingham Palace.

Food and drink prices come in as some of the most expensive, second only to Paris. To experience two of the most iconic attractions (Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London), as well as indulge with a beer during lunch and a cocktail at night, it will cost around €117.78 a day.

Cheapest Europe city breaks

1. Antalya

2. Prague

3. Istanbul

4. Amsterdam

5. Vienna

6. Dublin

7. Rome

8. Benidorm

9. Paris

10. London