What is the situation with the Fiji earthquake? A 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Fiji on Sunday, affecting 6,000 people. The epicenter was located 134 miles south of Levuka, 260 km 162 miles south east of Labasa and 192 miles south east of Suva. There are about 6,000 people living within 62 miles but no injuries or damage were reported.

What advice has the UK government issued to Britons about travel to Fiji?

Fiji is in an earthquake zone and suffers from tremors from time to time.

These can trigger tsunami alerts.

Website Gov.uk has advised Britons: “Make sure you understand local safety procedures in the event of an earthquake or tsunami.

“You should monitor weather updates from the Fiji Meteorological Service, in local newspapers and on Radio Fiji 2 on 105 FM, and follow the advice of the local authorities including any evacuation orders.”

Around 20,000 British nationals visit Fiji every year.

Have similar earthquake incidents occurred recently in Fiji?

In September, an earthquake in Fiji measuring 7.8 magnitude struck the islands.

It came just days after the island of Hokkaido in Japan caused huge landslides and damage to the region.

The deep earthquake was measured at 652km underground.

Only Fiji and Tonga were reported to be affected.

How do Britons get to Fiji?

Travellers from the UK to Fiji have to make at least one stopover in their journey.

This include destinations such as San Francisco and Los Angeles for Virgin Airlines.

Some British Airways routes also call at Hong Kong.

The trip takes around 24 hours, depending on the route.