Heavy rainfall overnight and into Saturday morning has forced a number of roads across Cumbria to close due to localised flooding.

Areas across the county have experienced persistent showers which are continuing to cause disruption in the region.

Nobody has reported any injuries as a result.

A number of flood warnings have been put in place with rainfall set to continue for the duration of the weekend.

The Highways agency continue to assess roads that have been affected by flooding.

The following routes have been closed to traffic:

Superintendent Andy Wilkinson, Cumbria Constabulary, said:

Agencies across the county are working hard, including many working throughout the night in order to limit the effect of the latest heavy rainfall.

Drivers, as always, are asked to make sure their cars are ready and legal to drive in the treacherous conditions being experienced today.

Please forward plan your journey, affording extra time to deal with slower travel times and the additional hazards of wind and surface water which are present.

All road users are asked to drive in accordance with the conditions and take extra-care for their own safety”.

– Superintendent Andy Wilkinson, Cumbria Constabulary