Hectic holiday travel isn’t done yet, (Sydney Glenn/WPDE)

It’s been a busy travel holiday season already in the Carolinas and across the county. In fact, AAA reports this is the busiest holiday travel season ever.

About 3.2 million North Carolinians and 1.5 million South Carolinians are expected to travel, or have traveled between Dec. 22 and Jan. 1, according to a AAA news release.

It’s not just busy in the Carolinas. About 41 million people are expected to fly, or have flown between Dec. 19 and Jan. 5th. That is a 6 percent increase from this time last year, according to TSA.

As if flying on a busy day isn’t stressful enough, first time mom Jordan Benton is flying alone with her 7-month-old daughter.

“First time parent with a first time baby flying is kind of nerve racking, but she did good,” Benton said.

It wasn’t without some hectic moments, she said..

“You didn’t know what time TSA, how long TSA was, you didn’t know how long baggage was to check, you don’t know if you’re going to make your flight with her or not, you still have to make sure she has everything, make sure she’s changed before,” Benton said.

Many travelers we spoke with were less concerned with a busy MYR or traffic in Horry County as they were for once they reach their destinations.

“We will see what happens when I get back to Tampa. There’s always a chance that there’ll be a bunch of traffic on the roads there too,” Michelle Gajda said as she fueled up her car.

Despite the busy roads and airports, everyone we spoke with said it’s worth it to be home for the holidays.

“It was wonderful to come down here to Myrtle Beach to see my grandma, and I wouldn’t trade whatever craziness happens today, for the opportunity to see her,” Gajda said.

Benton felt the same way.

“Oh yeah, most definitely. Just to see family it’s worth it,” she said.