“Multigenerational vacations let travelers experience activities beyond their own interests,” said Daniel Armbruster, a spokesman for AAA Texas. “Those new and unique experiences can create memories that entire families share for decades.”

Travel experts and travelers alike suggest these tips to smooth sailing with your family:

Plan ahead

With many different work and school schedules to consider, start planning six months to a year in advance to save a lot of headaches and possibly money. Involve various generations to spread the burden and excitement.  

Plano resident Suzanne Lewis and her extended family — seven people, including two teenagers and an 80-year-old — began planning more than six months in advance for a summer 2016 trip to Ireland. “Over the Thanksgiving before, we had a war room, and we sat down and hashed out the details of where to go and what to do,” she said.

Great expectations

When deciding where to go, consider people’s interests and limitations. Make sure there are activities for everyone — from toddlers to seniors. While you’re reading a book on the beach, your niece can learn to surf.

Discuss expectations ahead of time. Do you want to relax or sight-see every day? Is an on-site gym or pool a must-have? Does anyone have trouble with stairs?