A total of 9,000 passengers are on board the plush vessel, with a section falling ill to the winter stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea. The ship was transporting guests to the sunshine hotspot of Jamaica from Florida and a spokesperson has confirmed its route will now end early. After the illness was flagged to staff, they put a ban on passengers leaving the vessel as they drafted in emergency medication. A huge sanitisation process was underway almost immediately, with cruise ship employees spraying down communal areas as it docked in Falmouth, on the northern side of Jamaica.

Its passengers, who are in the midst of a seven day cruise around the Caribbean islands, have now taken to social media to document the efforts and praise the reaction of the company.

Twitter user Mathew Michael, who is currently on board, told how the crew were doing an “A star” job.

He documented their efforts in a short video, uploaded alongside the caption: “At this rate the ship will be spic n’ span by Sunday night.

“I believe they called this level 3- alpha alpha alpha alert on the loud speaker – the entire #RoyalCaribbean crew is doing an awesome job, A+.”

He then added the jokey tagline: “Who ya gonna call, germ busters,” and an emoji icon.

The scenes on his video showed staff working together to spray the floors of the guest areas.

They can be seen getting down on their hands and knees to make sure all areas are covered, while carrying a big container of infection-busting fluid with them.