The stage is being set for accumulating snow and travel problems from Missouri to portions of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee this weekend.

The storm is likely to break the snowless stretch the region has experienced since early December.

“We expect snow to break out over southern and central Missouri late Friday and spread eastward across the Ohio Valley during Friday night and Saturday,” according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

As the storm progresses, rain is likely to change to snow over northern Arkansas and perhaps fill in farther west across parts of eastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma.

Motorists should anticipate delays and slippery conditions along the Interstate 64 and 70 corridors, where anywhere from a coating to 6 inches or so of snow may fall.

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“The heaviest amount of snow may be centered from northern Arkansas through central and southeastern Missouri to part of southern Illinois,” Anderson said.

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Airline delays related to deicing and/or plowing operations can be expected in St. Louis, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Flight cancellations are possible.

Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Kansas City, Missouri, may be on the edge of the storm with a period of light snow possible.

Slippery conditions may develop along portions of the I-80/90 corridor from Illinois to Ohio this weekend, following the cold winds and areas of lake-effect snow into Thursday.

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Over parts of Kentucky and eastern Tennessee, fluctuating temperatures during the storm will allow periods of snow, ice and rain.

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However, Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee, can expect this to be a rain event.

The storm is forecast to end from west to east later in the weekend. Precipitation is likely to end over much of Missouri and Arkansas Saturday afternoon and evening, then over much of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys on Sunday.

In the wake of the storm from the middle Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley, wet areas may become icy unless treated with salt or similar compounds.

For interests and travelers heading to the east, the storm is projected to bring a substantial amount of wintry precipitation and slippery conditions from portions of North Carolina to Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware on Sunday.

How heavy snow is over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York state and southern New England will depend on the track of the storm as it reorganizes along the Atlantic coast.

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