The United States joined a handful of countries around the world in grounding Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 aircraft Wednesday in wake of two fatal crashes in a span of six months.

On Thursday, TravelPulse founder Mark Murphy joined Fox News to discuss President Donald Trump’s emergency order as well as the potential impact to travelers.

“If you don’t know what caused the crash, you definitely want to be cautious because you’re putting people’s lives at risk. I think it’s a prudent thing to do,” said Murphy.

“We saw that happen with the Dreamliner when they had the battery issue. Those planes were grounded for three months and at the end of the day it did not impact travelers very much because they were able to shift other equipment onto those routes.”

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines all operate Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. However, Murphy points out that those jets make up only a small percentage of their entire fleet.

“If you’re on American Airlines it’s 1.2 percent of the total fleet so it’s not a big issue. I think Southwest is the biggest with about 4 percent of their total fleet,” he added. “You’re talking about a tiny number of flights that will are impacted. There’s plenty of aircraft to substitute in.”

You can watch Murphy’s appearance on Fox News in its entirety below: